A submission for GMTK Game Jam 2022 with a theme "Roll of the Dice".

A silly parody of "Papers, Please", where you're playing as a Game Master and have to review your players' character sheets. Confront the rulebook (with increasing number of rules) with information on the sheet and try to spot any mistkaes... mistakes... oops.

Small disclaimer

I might've overtuned it a little bit. Seems too hard, especially at the beginning.

How to play

Check your rulebook (on the left) with character sheet (on the right) and spot any inconsistencies. Click on an incorrect element and reject the character sheet or approve it if everything seems to be in order.


Music: https://soundcloud.com/serpentsoundstudios/royalty-free-medieval-tavern-music-ta...

Sounds: https://pixabay.com/sound-effects/

Made with Godot <3

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
Tags2D, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, papers-please, Short, Singleplayer


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I really wish there was a casual mode where basically you don't have a time limit and can just...mark papers for as long as you want.


very fun game, but xp is killing me, all other you can kinda memoire but xp are too big numbers to do that

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as a DM I can say this game is a masterpiece


really well done, and also a good reminder of why i don't like papers please lol. one thing tho, when the hourglass is shaking it slows down the game a lot. this might have something to do with the fact that i was frequently pausing it. i also think an unlockable zen mode would be nice, but that probably goes against the core concept of the game.

This is fantastic! Beyond that fact it's a really clever parody, it plays really nicely, has that same frantic feeling of trying to keep all the rules in your help. It is a bit tough in the beginning and it'd be nice to start out with just a few rules (the stats are a lot to take in from the jump), but awesome work! I hope we see more of this and I can definitely see Polygon/Kotaku/Eurogamer picking up on this!!

Thanks for the feedback, yeah the game is definitely too hard at start (and some rules could be moved earlier/later in the rulebook), but I'm glad you liked it regardless ;)


I actually had a tremendous amount of fun with this one. I never actually got to play papers please, because I never enjoyed the concept, however the tabletop character sheets REALLY pulled me in and allowed me to have a lot of fun visualizing how so and so is trying to cheat and give his wizard 20 int. and my job is to put him in his place.  honestly, I think your difficulty curve isn't bad at all. I just think you could use maybe some color-coding implementation to make the rules easier on the eyes.  and easier to understand at a glance. Thank you for your time and Hard work! it clearly paid off in the final product

Thank you so much for the feedback and your kind words, really warms my heart :)

You have a really good idea for improving UI/UX. I'll think about that if I'll ever try to fix/add anything after the jam.


Cool idea, nicely implemented. Could have been improved by adding comas between sets of three numbers ie: 1,000,000 to improve legibility.

Good idea! I'm from a country, where we barely use those for large numbers, so it kind of slipped my mind.


Pretty fun. 7/10

Cracks me up